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Crocheted Aplysia July 31, 2007

Posted by barn owl in crochet, molluscs.
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Welcome to my blog about arts and crafts with a nature/environmental theme, often including items made from recycled materials.

I don’t live on the coast any longer, but I’ve always found the ocean and its wildlife to be very inspiring and fascinating. The photo is of a crocheted marine mollusc called a sea hare, species Aplysia californica, an animal commonly used in neuroscience research. I used inexpensive acrylic yarn (leftover from crocheted afghans) for the body, head, and rhinophores, since this type of yarn provides stiffness for shaping. The parapodia are crocheted (the technique is hyperbolic crochet, to provide waviness) from inexpensive novelty yarn, which is very soft and fuzzy.

Aplysia californica