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Recycled tote bags August 6, 2007

Posted by barn owl in crochet, recycling.

Just a quick post before going off to teach anatomy lab (difficult dissections today: contents of vertebral canal, suboccipital triangle). Good thing that one year of Iyengar yoga practice has improved my posture, opened my shoulders, and reversed the overpronation of my feet, else I’d be a wreck after a few hours of teaching.

I’ve been crocheting tote bags from yarn made with strips cut from plastic carrier bags and newspaper wrappers. People are happy to donate their stashes of plastic! Two bags are shown below; they work great for holding produce picked from the garden.

Recycled Plastic Totes



1. bec - September 13, 2007

Hi Barn Owl, followed you back here from Poppalina – I promise, I’m NOT usually a ranter, except on my own blog, of course.

Your tote bags have me intrigued, have you described elsewhere how you crochet them up? I’d love to give this a go. Do you twist or tie together the plastic strips before starting work or just merge them as you go along?



2. greenrage - September 13, 2007

Hi Bec,

Helle Jorgensen at Gooseflesh has a great tutorial on making plastic bag yarn:


The pattern for the tote bag comes from Marlo’s Crochet Corner:


It’s very simple crochet, with a size M crochet hook. I bought an inexpensive one, because the ink from the plastic bags rubs off occasionally. I make balls of plastic bag “yarn” when I’ve collected a number of bags of a given color.

Barn Owl

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