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Needlepoint Shorebirds December 28, 2007

Posted by barn owl in needlepoint, shorebirds.


I’m working on a series of needlepoint pillow tops for my bedroom, which is painted in pale blue-gray. I also wanted projects that I could take on airplanes, without running afoul of security measures that prohibit scissors and sharp needles.

The first design is a European Oystercatcher, Haematopus ostralegus, in flight, worked in tent stitch. The background is diagonal mosaic stitch. I’ve used inexpensive acrylic yarn throughout, to reduce costs and to increase durability and washability.



1. Margie - January 1, 2008

nice needle work did you draw the bird on the canvas, we have just spent a week on herron island off the coast of queensland australia, it is a wonderful area full of marine and bird life, full of wedge tailed shearwater and black noddy terns that make quite a racket so much so that they give you ear plugs to sleep with not that you always need them but are there if you do.. the marine life is just spectacular and is so close to the shore just amazing one of the worlds greatest treasures.. i’ll send you a picture happy new year margie

2. barn owl - January 1, 2008

Hey Margie, Happy New Year!

I drew the Oystercatcher from a picture in one of my bird books, and simplified the design considerably, to make the needlepoint easy. Then I just traced the design onto canvas with a permanent marker, and started stitching.

Herron Island sounds like a very special place, and I’d love to see the shearwater and terns, even with the racket! Thanks for sending the beautiful photos-I don’t think we have anything quite like that in the US.

3. Margie - January 13, 2008

hey thanks for the comment, yer it is a rather wonderful place,despite the constant smell of bird poo…. where ever you go.. when i was younger it is where i learnt to dive now i am just a spectator or a glass bottom boat er… we are in the middle of a very tropical summer with rain and humid nights, but this too will pass happy days margie

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