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Armadillo Fabric Collage September 30, 2007

Posted by barn owl in collage, embroidery, Texas wildlife.
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I’ve been working on and off creating this armadillo fabric collage, with beads as embellishments. I plan to add flowers to the prickly pear cacti in the background, as well as a few butterflies. Maybe an embroidered tarantula in the foreground, and it will be complete.

I’m also working on a quilted wall-hanging, using a batik zebra piece…to go with the giraffes in the living/dining room area.


Litterflies Journal Quilt September 1, 2007

Posted by barn owl in collage, embroidery, quilting, recycling.
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Last November I attended the International Quilt Festival in Houston with my mom, my sister, and a friend; it was very inspirational. We all loved the extensive display of journal quilt pages, each about 8″ x 11″. I decided to start a series of journal quilt pages with an environmental theme, using issues of litter, recycling, pollution, and residential development as starting points.

The first piece I’ve finished counterposes the abundance of butterfly species we have here in South Texas, with the curse of litter that creates eyesores and health hazards in the landscape. I created butterfly shapes with plastic bag scraps, twist ties, aluminum foil, and gum wrappers, and added beads and embroidery as embellishments. The background is a hand-dyed, sun-printed piece of fabric created by my mom. Initially I tried quilting the piece in an embroidery hoop, which was a big mistake; when I switched to quilting without the stretcher, my stitches became smaller and more evenly spaced.


In the background is one of my tote bags, crocheted from cut-up plastic carrier bags and newspaper wraps.

Oikos Archipelago August 20, 2007

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Back when I was more active in the mail art community, I started creating an alternate world called the Oikos Archipelago. Each island in the Archipelago would represent a different ecosystem, ruled or protected by an appropriate animal. I started to carve print blocks for the ruler of each island ecosystem, and to develop faux postage for mail art swaps.

Well, I didn’t get very far…only managed to carve the print blocks for Halcyon (a Kingfisher) and Lichen (a Caribou). I did finish the collage for Halcyon, and sold it to a colleague at the university art show:

halcyon kingfisher

I have a drawing finished for Pinch (a Fiddler Crab)-perhaps I should transfer it to a block and start carving again. Lichen the Caribou makes a nice Winter Solstice card image.