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Oikos Archipelago August 20, 2007

Posted by barn owl in collage, ecosystems.
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Back when I was more active in the mail art community, I started creating an alternate world called the Oikos Archipelago. Each island in the Archipelago would represent a different ecosystem, ruled or protected by an appropriate animal. I started to carve print blocks for the ruler of each island ecosystem, and to develop faux postage for mail art swaps.

Well, I didn’t get very far…only managed to carve the print blocks for Halcyon (a Kingfisher) and Lichen (a Caribou). I did finish the collage for Halcyon, and sold it to a colleague at the university art show:

halcyon kingfisher

I have a drawing finished for Pinch (a Fiddler Crab)-perhaps I should transfer it to a block and start carving again. Lichen the Caribou makes a nice Winter Solstice card image.